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March 09, 2015


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My wife and I consider you guys kindred spirits of sorts. We are similar in so many ways...except that I quit my golf habit 5 years ago so I could retire quicker. ;)

But many other things such as the pleasures of a simple campfire (with roasting smokies), beautiful B.C. wilderness, tropical beaches...we really get where you are coming from. In our case, I'm the introvert, whereas my wife seeks out a bit more social interaction.

kayak guy,
Agreed. Golf is not cheap. But FREE golf is a nifty perk of working at a golf course in the summer :)
Did you start your garden yet? We're in 5B zone and I'm still waiting for the last frost so I can get some stuff in the ground.

Seeds going into the ground in about a week. This is really my first attempt at growing veggies...expectations are not high. :)

BTW, don't have a blog yet, but am moving in that direction. Hopefully the link to my Vimeo account works - this will give you an idea of how my ER is taking shape.

great water pics!

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