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March 22, 2015


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Just as long as my lawn isn't turning into a hayfield you can have all the Spring you can handle.

Nice photos from around the garden. Although a little messy, I could def. see the potential with spring coming. Very inspiring blog guys, I too would like to jump off that hamster wheel and go RV'ing around North America. One day...

Could be a hayfield by the time you get home. We've had some really strong rains the past week and when the sun finally comes out things are gonna green up quick. Think jungle!

Thanks Mark,
We've been snowbirding for the past 8 years; the first three at private rentals, the past five in our RV. Awesome lifestyle.
And I give all the credit to dividend investing from a young age. With hard work and dedication to saving, it's unreal how quickly dividends can replace an employment salary.

When we arrived home 5 days ago it was cold and rainy here in the North Okanagan, we almost wanted to head south again. I walked around freezing cold because I refused to put on my long pants. Then the weather got nice and warm and sunny and it's good to be home. The best thing about being here is that we don't have to add 30% more money on everything we buy, it was very expensive being in the US this time.

Mr P,
Did you get USD before you left for the states this year or did you 'pay-as-you-go'?

We bought about 3/4 of the amount of USD we thought we would need thinking that the exchange rate would change while we were south to our advantage. It didn't and we ended up using a credit card. (We took a gamble and lost!)

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