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April 24, 2015


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Hmm...could this be a possibility for our newly created TFSA room? (9k for a couple, which I just transferred in today).

Looks interesting...though that double digit divvy usually sets off my "spidey sense" a little bit.

Thanks for bringing this company into the spotlight Kelsi...have to admit, never heard of it before. Not sure I'll bite on this...will chew it over for a while. ;)

kayak guy,
I hear what you're saying about double digit yields. I have been sucked in many times in the past.
Looking at the numbers on Cerf, I think 2015 overall will be neutral, but they could add some revenue growth with the final integration of Empire Tools and Winalta. And WTI is turning around which helps their oil services division.
Either way, I bought our shares with the idea that there could be a dividend cut of one or two cents a quarter. Meaning a payment of 16¢ to 20¢ per year... which is still a 9% to 11% yield, based on today's price. And the share price should continue to rise with the oil recovery.
But who the heck ever knows?
You looking at anything interesting?

I've been looking at PJC.A (Jean Coutu) lately because of talk of Metro wanting to buy into the pharmacy area. It's come down from its highs, pays a small divy so may put a little new TFSA money into it. A couple of my old holding were bought out favorably (Healthlease and Timmy's) so maybe this might be another...

Another that I ran across is a Cdn company that operates in the US - HOT.UN (American Hotel Income). Pays ~8% divy and I like the US economy over the next little while. Don't own this one either but looking at putting in a standing order in the 10.60's next week.

Enjoy the blog, inspiring to hope that ER can come to me before 55 -less than 10 years away...

I figure that if I can get our TFSA's to over 100k each and have them throw off $5-7k in dividends every year - TAX FREE - so $10-14k annually that could bridge me with my other divy's and let me pull the pin!!

Wish Sea Kayaker had a blog, I enjoy his posts on the different forums.

hey rosholt,
I've looked at HOT.UN before. Thanks for reminding me about that one - time to take another look. And your TFSA plan is a good one; we're doing the same thing.
What other forums do you check out for stock ideas? I know of several but there are so many trolls in most of them. Are there any good forums or sites you recommend?

As far as forums, probably the same ones as you... early-retirement.org seems to be the most sensible, I haven't spent much time at the moustache guy's for whatever reason. Have you tried cornerofberkshireandfairfax.com? It's a bit too brainy for me but I include it for research tho but they are mainly US stuff. There's not too many out there. Cheers.

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