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April 15, 2015


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Very cool!

I agree with Croft! Super cool! What a find... we have an old Packard here - maybe I should look a little closer - however it would mean some serious bushwacking....

That's special. Not quite as old as Croft though.

I know, right? 60 years old! I can't wait to see it on the golf cart.
By the way, not sure why you don't stay in Vegas all winter. Norma's winnings would finance your entire snowbird trip. And thanks for the heads-up on Roadrunner RV park; we're gonna check it out next time we're traveling thru Vegas.

You're in the right place for bushwhacking; looks like your little family has a few acres of yard (park) to care for at the new gig. Makes me tired just looking at it all. And happy we only have this tiny RV lot to spring clean!
And your comments need to come with a dictionary. Or at least, access to google. Last time I had to look up what a PFO is... and your recent comment had me scratching my head at the word 'Packard'. There is SO MUCH I don't know! I could probably use some home schooling too :)

True. But he's pretty good-lookin' for an old guy. (Don't tell him I said that...)

Very cool!

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