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May 03, 2015


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Good point! I wouldn't want them around either. Not too sure about the bears either. I read once where you are located but have forgotten. Would you let me know via email?

hola quepasa contessa!
We're out at the Mabel Lake golf course where My Fella runs the pro shop and does some stuff with the grounds crew.
I love the wildlife around here, and the bears and coyotes aren't really a problem. They'll run at the first sign of humans.
The animal that makes me wary is the cougar; they hunt when they're hungry, but also attack by instinct. Spooky. And probably not a cat I can scare off with a baseball bat.

Maybe I never knew it was Mabel Lake. That's only 90 KM from here. Lots of my neighbors go camping there over the summer. From one RV park to another. None of them are golfers. Never been there ourselves and always too busy to just take a drive. Maybe one day.

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