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May 24, 2015


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Condolences on the job. ;)

Seriously though, doesn't look like a horrible gig. Any drunk golfer "encounters"?

Great pictures, and a nice view from your 'office'.

Love that company car, great perk. Those h - bird shots area great.

Great summer job. Low stress and meeting lots of interesting people. Love how close the HBirds. Talk about impatient.
Just finished planing 50 pots with annuals. Thank goodness for Costco. Couldn't afford that many annuals from a nursery. Sometimes I don't know why we bother as we will likely get a frost in late Aug and they will all be compost. Maybe we should move to BC.
What part of the left coast do you call home.

kayak guy,
So far it's been really easy, even the long weekend. I sell alcohol in the snack shack so I keep an eyeball on who I'm selling to and how much they're consuming. Unless they drink too much before they get to the course, drunks won't be a problem this year.
And over the past two seasons I've gotten the reputation of being 'the crazy blonde at the edge of #2 green, who chases peeing golfers out of her yard with an axe'. I'm proud of this reputation and have worked VERY hard to develop it :)

I'm pretty lucky. The only negative so far are the large spooky bugs/spiders that sneak into the snack shack overnight and hide under things, like the coffee maker or my calculator. They've freaked me out every single morning.
But if that's the worst part of this gig, I think I can suck it up.

quepasa contessa,
Isn't it amazing that they stay there even when the camera flash goes off? Absolutely No fear.

We're at a little golf course on a lake, in the south central BC interior. The largest big towns nearby are Vernon and Salmon Arm.
50 pots of annuals? You must have a huge yard. I don't plant many annuals anymore, but last year my marigolds, nasturtiums and scarlet runner beans flowered right thru til October. I actually felt bad pulling them out when we left the RV lot cause they all still looked so good.

I have only seen hummingbirds once...in the Rogers Pass the year we stopped in to visit you. I LOVE them!!

It sounds like you have a perfect job, selling food and drinks to people who love their hobby!

So what is the reasoning behind getting your gig? Am I correct in saying you haven't had a job (apart from your investing) in quite a while...I'm only 8 months into ER, but seeking out employment gives me the willys...:)

kayak guy,
Still doing my stock stuff weekday mornings, but after 11am or so, I'm BORED. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I really need something to do for a few hours a day.
It's definitely not for the moolah. I'm making minimum wage and giving my tips to the BC Humane Society. But I'm having a hoot; it's fun working at a golf course, especially when you don't need the job.

You and your fella will be running that golf course before much longer ;-0 Cool!

Miss reading your blog posts.

Dead blog walking?

Hope not. :(

Are you travelling, haven't read an update in a while. Hope things are ok.

Inquiring minds are asking about you. You've been pretty quiet this summer. Is the stock market keeping you preoccupied? It's been pretty nasty for us lately.

Have heard that you have gone bankrupt from the oil crash (since you so wisely only invested in speculative small caps) and are now a greeter at Walmart - is this true?

Easy to look like a genius in a bull market huh?

Did you husband leave you for a more financial savy golfer?

What kind of a jerk is that! Mom always told me that if you can't say anything nice, Shut Up!

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