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August 24, 2015


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ME TOO! Funny you say that. Every time there's a big dump in the markets I say to My Fella "Man I wish we had an extra hundred grand lying around to buy (insert stock here)!!!!"

Mr P,
I know how you feel. Haven't been this excited about rain for a long time. Hope it POURS this weekend.

I'm torn on the rain...I know we need it badly.

But I'd also like to lie on the shores of Shuswap Lake this weekend, favourite beer in hand, and bake in good ol' BC interior heat. Ah well...at least I can still do the beer part.

And I've been buying up some bigger U.S. energy names in the past several days...CVX being my biggest purchase. Oil futures are up as I type this...could it be? An end to the misery? Probably not. ;)

kayak guy,
WTI hanging in at $42 this morning so that's good news. Why Chevron? Are you looking for US dividend plays? I'm staying away from US stocks til the loonie gets traction.

CVX was of interest to me (despite our dollar weakness) because it's dividend (which has been nicely elevated due to stock price drop) is likely NEVER to be cut. After having a few of my Canadian holdings either CUT or REDUCE their dividend, this was very appealing.

Also, the CVX went into our RRSP account...so tax sheltered.

Also bought some TOG at the beginning of the week...made out like a bandit so far. Hope this continues... oil at $44 as I type this...actually looking like it might threaten $45. Amazing.

After I read your your posting....I checked out SGY. Great little company! Took a position Tues. I don't regret it. Im a CPG and IMO guy myself...but nothing wrong with another!
Good luck to us all.

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