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August 17, 2015


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Glad you're back. And it's time for Mr or Ms Benson to chime in with something nice to say.
I like your advice about oil stocks. We're picking up TORC with some spare cash. I'm anticipating a bumpy ride for a while yet, though.

Rude or what!?...what a jerk! No class at all...
By they way.....which aisle is the ketchup?

Hey, welcome back! I ALMOST stopped checkin' after a few months, but the hope you would reappear made me visit from time to time. Your sudden "disappearance" was a bit worrying TBH.

Anyhoo, my wife and I are going to be in your 'hood in late August - if Salmon Arm is considered to be in your 'hood. :)

It's in aisle 13 by the mustard. But don't ask the stockgal for help. If she lost money on energy stocks too, you risk getting squirted like a human hot dog :)

Torc is on my shortlist too - can't believe how bad that one is getting creamed. But I guess you could say that about almost any energy name. Fundamentals just don't matter at the moment. They will again at some point - I just hope I still have money left by then....

kayak guy,
Salmon Arm is sorta in the hood. My Fella was even born in the Salmon Arm hospital!
Here's a question though... what are you thinking about CPG? Did you average down? Now that they cut the div, I'm kind of looking at it...

Yeah, you're back!

Hey Mr P!
How the heck are ya? Buy any US dollars yet or are you waiting? Say 'hi' to Mrs P!

Yep, I've averaged down a bit...but I'm done now and will wait patiently (even if it takes years) for this to recover. Still, a bummer to see one's net worth take a hit. But thankfully I am fairly well diversified in other things...and my wife still works and makes a very good wage. ;)

If we were both ER'ed, I'd be much crankier...I'll keep investing our excess funds into various (DIVERSIFIED!!!) investments while she still wants to work.

I can't believe someone would post that on your blog! Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer job. We are also starting our planning for our trip south this year and yes the exchange rate definitely plays a big part in that planning 😊

Welcome back to blogland. Hope the fires and smoke didn't bother you too much.

Where the heck would you go to avoid the USD crisis for us Canucks? Nice shed by the way.

There are 'twitters' and then again, just 'twits'. And dbenson is a 'twit'....pure and simple.

It appears you have had a good summer.....and that working the golf course stuff has been fun too.

Hi, we are both doing fine and hearing a lot of comments from our snowbird neighbors about whether to go to the States with the weakening Canadian dollar or spend a few months on the coast instead. Our concern is the major drought where we go on the California coast, just North of Santa Barbara. They really have it bad and are abandoning their crops and having lots of fires. It was drier there 3 years ago then it is here in the Okanagan and coast now.

Welcome back, I see recent rumours of your recent demise are greatly exaggerated.

Yes, it has been quite the ride and we will be skipping right through the US with only a short stop to complete my dental implants in Algodones (Mexico but US dollars).

On the investment front, I am still waiting for gold to hit $2K. Our son got laid off from the tar sands, which was good but payments to the Bank Of Dad have slowed, which is bad. Oh well, has gold hit $2K yet?

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