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October 03, 2015


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I love your title, it was what had initially caught our eyes and made us start reading. It was your blog that hubby and I started our travels with and I can't tell you how helpful it was. We began reading it about a year before we retired and I honestly think it was your stories that convinced hubby he should retire earlier than he had planned and we should get on the road right away. Thanks for that.

We look forward to following your new blog ... and I think 45 is still young for a snowbird 😊

Interesting blog, we are retired and not full timers but spend 8 or 9 months a year on the road. I like your younger perspective as you travel a lot of the areas we do.We are mostly boondockers but do spend some time at Escapees parks . We lived on Vancouver Island for thirty years but moved to the interior for better weather. We also like the fact we can leave home at any time and not worry about catching a ferry. I still love the Island and have children and grandchildren there whom we visit a few times a year. If you were going to spend the winter I would choose south of Nanaimo as it is much drier, once you hit Nanaimo you are in a snow belt, south of there not so much. And the term moisture will have a whole new meaning for you. Anyways the Island is an awesome place to visit and I am sure you will enjoy it.

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