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Kelsi, your photo of the little blue dinghy with oars is spectacular! These photos (almost) make me homesick. Nice work.I hope you have more and more sunny days.


Absolutely beautiful pics, exceptional! Views like those help make the rainy Vancouver Island visit worth while. We have a glitch in our traveling there, my wife has a major problem with a tooth, we have to stay around home for at least 2 more weeks. We still have our RV packed to end the winter on the island tho.

Rod and Sylvia

When the weather is nice, there's no better place on earth than Vancouver Island. Now if it could only be nice more often!

Maxx Trails

Beautiful pictures, I especially love the one of the row boat in the blue water. You may not have come south for the winter but you are surround by beauty and I'm guessing it will warm up soon ... although that might not stop the rain :-)

Jeanette and Rene Genereux

We have been to that beach a few times and you captured several very nice photos from your visit there.


Yeah, that pic is peaceful. Sunny days around here make everything seem so fresh and green and clean. Easy to see why you love it.
Unfortunately it's back to the rain, but there should be a few more sunny days before we leave. Hope so since there's a couple more beaches/marinas/parks to explore.


Mr P,
Probably good thing you didn't make the trip yet. We had one gorgeous sunny day but we're back to the rain, and had a good windstorm today.
I bet March will be so much sunnier and warmer.


Agreed. In the future, My Fella and I wanna come back to the island in spring/summer/fall. Maybe live here for a year or two (and go south for the winter :)


Being here reminded us how much we love spending a few months by the ocean. When it's not raining everyday :)
(yeah, I know - whine whine whine - even I'm getting sick of hearing me whine about the weather...)


R&J G,
Thanks! But did you know about the jellyfish? We had no idea we'd see jellyfish around here. Neat surprise.

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