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What kind of a place is it you live in? I was under the impression that you were the only resident there but now I am confused. Is it a residential area? An RV park? ??

Maxx Trails

It's about time you gave in to the deer 😊 The new option looks good and I'm glad to hear it's warm enough to garden at home!


Not sure what to call it... I guess it's a private golf course development in the BC wilderness. The golf course is public, but the residential lots are privately owned. There's a few houses but mostly RV lots, spread out around the golf course that My Fella manages.
We have no close neighbours, except deer and coyotes and squirrels and bears. And some weekend RVers.
All in all it's pretty skookum!


My wife and spend much of our time working on our Gulf Island property as well...and we love it. We have deer challenges too. We really like to have big ass burn piles...really satisfied the "inner pyro" in us...with the bonus of roasting smokies over the embers when the workday is done.

Your place is really shaping up nicely!


But can't the deer just be happy with all the other treats I've planted? Dogwood and ninebarks and spirea and lilies, etc etc?
Why do they TARGET MY CEDARS???
It's been rainy off and on but we've already had more sunny days in the past 2 weeks than we had the last 2 months in Nanaimo. And the snow is pretty much gone.


I bet you are both so happy to be home and have decent weather and to get back into the doing things groove. Now it is our turn to holiday, we are probably headed to Vancouver Island on Tuesday if the weather goes according to the forecast. Today we found out that our favorite campground near Tofino, Green Point is closed till May, oh well.


kayak guy,
It's fun isn't it? I love outdoor stuff - landscaping, building, pruning, planting...
It's a good workout, plus it's tangible. I can actually SEE what I've accomplished after I've worked in the yard. So different than my stock market stuff, where all the results are only on paper (computer).

Rod and Sylvia

Start paying the Help more. He deserves it.


Mr P,
I bet the weather will be great for you two.
And yup, we're really happy to be home. There's been a few rainy days, but sunshine too. Same weather as you more or less. And everything is budding in the yard so I've been making all my lists and plans for spring. But mostly I'm excited for the golf season!


Yeah he's pretty talented - But good grief, don't go giving The Help any funny ideas... I'm gonna have to erase your comment before he reads it :)


Hi Kelsi.
We will probably stop by late April or early May. Have to go back to Palm Springs and bring back the coach...it's a long story. We're young full timers like yourselves. We were in Palm Springs for the winter. Had a major heart attack just before Christmas. Insurance wouldn't cover me any more so it forced us home early (Saskatoon) I can't get any travel health insurance until after April 21st. What's the Wifi like there at the RV park and how's the cell service? My wife needs it for her part time accounting work and we also stock trade so a good internet connection is a must.You don't have to post this if you don't want. You can reply back via email (assuming you want to...lolol). Thanks in advance Mark & Jean
email is bss.mark@shaw.ca


Hi Mark&Jean,
The campground is separate from the golf course so I don't know as much about it. It opens for the season during the first week of May and the reservations gal is Eleanor.
Not sure if the campground has wifi but I do know there is NO cell phone service out here. You can get all the info, including prices, on their Facebook page - just search Mabel lake Resort on Facebook.
Hope this helps!

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