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Janet Ashworth

A few more questions. Have you had any issues at the bank machines obtaining funds? For us a common problem in San Carlos. Have you checked out any of the other campgrounds? Do you make your own fun in the park or are the natives friendly?


Nope, no problems at all getting cash out of the bank machines. And all the major grocery stores (Aurerra, Ley, etc) have a bank machine.
Yes, we've checked out a few other campgrounds. There are at least 7 or 8 RV parks here. We may move to a different one this weekend since The Reef apparently gets quite busy/noisy during spring break.
Not sure what you mean 'are the natives friendly'? The other RV-ers here? Or Mexican nationals? We've met super nice people from each group - but outside of volunteering at the dog rescue, we tend to keep to ourselves and do things as a 'couple' as opposed to joining other RV-ers. Maybe you can clarify your question...


I'm looking at pulling the pin in my early 50's but I'm not sure how people - specifically BC'ers - handle medical and dental benefits. Do you have any tips/sites to recommend about this topic? I've read on some forums that people say that it's probably cheaper for Canadians not to sign up for a benefit plan with the big ones (Sunlife, Manulife) and just "self-insure" - not sure what that means actually.

How do you handle it? Thanks.


Hi rosholt,
Sorry I can't really help you with this.
My Fella and I have BC healthcare which we pay for ourselves. It doesn't include eye exams, dental or prescriptions.
When we leave Canada for the winter, we buy travel medical insurance which costs $600 CAD for both of us, with a $1000 deductible. We submit the travel med receipts when we file our income taxes, and receive a portion of that money back.

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