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Maxx Trails

Glad you made it home safely and so easily! We will cross into Canada in a few days and hopefully it will be as easy for us. Actually we have never had anyone step inside Maxx on our way into Canada, only on our way into the States. I was wondering, did they ask you if you had eggs or poultry? A few years ago we couldn't bring eggs back so I didn't bring any back last year and last year it was okay to bring them!


Hi MaxxT,
Nope - they didn't ask about eggs at the Canuck border. They didn't ask about food at all. I don't think she even asked us about alcohol.
Where had we travelled? Where was home? How much had we spent in the USA? Any repairs or renos done to the RV? That's about it.
Nothing about weapons, drugs, money or food.
Soooo quick this year...

Maxx Trails

Thanks Kelsi, we will cross tomorrow and hope for as easy peasy as you had 😊

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